Every time you feel in God's creatures something pleasing and attractive, do not let your attention be arrested by them alone, but, passing them by, transfer your thought to God and say: "O my God, if Thy creations are so full of beauty, delight and joy, how infinitely more full of beauty, delight and joy art Thou Thyself, Creator of all!
- Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain

You can’t get to joy by making everything perfect. You can only get there by seeing in every imperfection all that’s joy.
-Ann Voscamp

Friday, December 9, 2011

Tiny Roo and New Hens

...spare roosters too.

Here's the tiny little guy. I wish I'd had someone hold him while I took this pic. He can't be more than 9 or 10 inches tall. He came with his own little hens, too. I don't know yet what kind they are.

Besides the four little black bantam hens, there are these three new girls hiding under the nest boxes. I'm not sure what these are yet either.

And then there are these guys. Isn't that one guy gorgeous? I think he's a dorking, but I can't remember for sure if that's correct. I would LOVE to keep him just for his looks, but unfortunately he has to go. He and his cronies beat our beloved brahma bantam up pretty badly, so they can't stay. There are four or these roosters, lovely as can be, now residing in my goat barn. It will be hard to butcher this beautiful boy if nobody will take him. They all seem nice (to people) so far.

We ended up with these when some friends of ours decided they didn't want to keep chickens any more as they wished to travel more now that their children were grown.


  1. We have a roo that looks like your doomed guy. We call him Chaunti~don't know what type he is, but someone though he was a Auracana roo. I agree though~your roo is a beauty! :)

  2. We had a beautiful banty rooster....gave him to our neighbors. Where he now terrorizes THEM! :)

  3. Those banty roos are amazing. We had a tiny one here who thought he was all that and something else and even more. :) My son named him Meatstick. It was so funny to watch that roo run around. And what's even funnier was how much the big roo hated the little roo. :)

    Love seeing your chicken pictures! :)

  4. amazing what brutes these guys can be but they gonna keep you and the kids busy

  5. Hey ladies- so fun to hear your rooster stories. I think these guys may end up in the stew pot, even though I'm in love with the gorgeous dorking roo. I'm pretty sure he's a dorking because his legs are only about 4 inches long. :) He's way cute!

  6. The red hen looks just like my Red Sex Links. ...or maybe a Rhode Island Red? Thanks for the follow!

  7. Hey Dr. Momi- Yesterday I started going through all the blogs on my "blogs I follow" list and actually "following" them. :) I've been reading for much longer.
    I think you're right about that hen. At first I didn't think she looked just like my red stars, but now I think she is, but just older and more bleached out.
    Have a great week!