Every time you feel in God's creatures something pleasing and attractive, do not let your attention be arrested by them alone, but, passing them by, transfer your thought to God and say: "O my God, if Thy creations are so full of beauty, delight and joy, how infinitely more full of beauty, delight and joy art Thou Thyself, Creator of all!
- Nicodemus of the Holy Mountain

You can’t get to joy by making everything perfect. You can only get there by seeing in every imperfection all that’s joy.
-Ann Voscamp

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hattie's Tadpole Update

It has taken a really long time for Hattie's tadpoles to become frogs. I think that conditions just aren't the best and it slows them down. We were keeping them inside the house and their progress seemed better. I think because the temps stayed even. The problem with that was when the tadpoles turned into frogs they disappeared! I'm pretty sure they just jumped out of the tub. So, we decided they had to go outside. First they were in an area that got sun in the afternoons. They weren't doing well there so we put them in the shade full time. They're doing better there and slowly turning to frogs and disappearing. This doesn't make the kids happy, but they were thrilled to hold this little guy yesterday. I wonder if he "jumped" last night? I zoomed in on him to let you get a look. He's really smaller than this. This has been a pretty neat science project!

Pretty cute little guy!

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